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How it Works

As easy as 1, 2, 3!  Simply choose your suburb, choose which restaurant you want to order from and then select away.  You can view all the restaurants in your area . Once you have placed your order and chosen your method of payment, EasyEat will do the rest of the work for you!


* You can pay by credit or debit card online (Visa/Mastercard) or cash on pickup/delivery. You have the opportunity to cancel the card sales transaction prior to completion of the transaction.


* You must order for pickup and/or delivery in the restaurants opening hours.This is your responsibility


* Minimum order for each restaurant for delivery is written next to each restaurants information. Their is no minimum order for pickup.


* You can only order from one restaurant at a time.You can order from more than one restaurant but unfortunately you are unable to combine the orders.  Each order must be made and paid for separately.


* You can order in advance


* Always remember - once the order has been confirmed it cannot be changed or cancelled




Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Free to use EasyEat?

Yes it's free. We charge the restaurant a small fee for each order we provide to them.


2. What information is required from me to order?

Only your name, address (for delivery purposes only), contact phone number (for operators to contact you for verification, if required) and your email address.


3. Is there a minimum order

Minimum order for each restaurant for delivery is different and is written in the text next to each restaurant.Their is no minimum order for pickup.


4. How will my order be sent to the restaurant?

EasyEat is dedicated to bringing all kinds of takeaway restaurants online, whatever their technological capabilities. We usually send orders via an automated message to a wireless printer.


5. Who delivers my meal?

The restaurant themselves deliver the food.

6. Can I order by telephone?

No, we only accept online orders at present

7. Can I order from more than one restaurant at a time?

No. If you want to order from more than one restaurant, submit an order to each restaurant separately.


8. How do I schedule a collection or delivery time?

The final step of building an order involves choosing the time you would like to collect or have your order delivered.

The opening hours shown is 24 hours but you must order in the restaurants opening hours that you are ordering from.


9. How do I know the restaurant received my order?

You will receive an email with the subject "Order accepted", notifying your order has been accepted.

If you chose collection, then you should wait until you receive this email before making plans to collect your food.


If we were unable to contact the restaurant, or the restaurant is unable to accept your order for any reason, your order will be cancelled and you will be notified of this via email. 99.2% of orders are accepted without any problems, however.


10. How do I contact a restaurant about my order?

Just because you have ordered through EasyEat doesn't mean you're not able to contact the restaurant directly with any questions or concerns should you need to do so. We always provide the contact number for the restaurant you have ordered with in the automated "Order accepted" email we send you upon confirming your order.


11. Is your site secure? How can I be sure?

You know it. We employ all the security standards you know and love (think SSL), and only share what’s necessary to communicate your order to the restaurant (address and phone number – not payment details). On top of that, all of our physical data is kept in very secure locations